XSEED's Ys SEVEN Launches on PC

XSEED’s Ys SEVEN Launches on PC

Ys SEVEN - Logo

To the delight of Ys fans everywhere, XSEED has released the previous Playstation Portable exclusive title Ys SEVEN on PC, available on Steam, GOG, and The Humble Store. A 10% discount will be available for launch week making the price quite reasonable at $24.00 with an upgraded localization. Any Falcom fans would jump at the chance to devour this game again.

Ys SEVEN puts players on a journey to help the tribes of the Five Great Dragons reconnect with each other in order to save the world. The game is most known for it’s battle system which utilizes three man parties and allows players to change members to create new strategies. A JRPG in its purest form, Ys SEVEN is worth the buy.